Coggin Lures Mango Copalure 45 Fish Head 12" 8.5oz

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The Coggin Lures Copalure 45 Fish Head is Steve's fish head designed insert inside a double tapered plunger style head shape. The "hump" is near the middle of the head with a fairly steep taper towards the slanted nose. The custom fish heads in these inserts are truly remarkable. Pure fish killers without a doubt. Come with 12" sized skirt saddles. Excellent on Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo/Ono, and Ahi/Tuna in particular. These are very popular lures and are pure pieces of art to go along with their fish catching abilities.

This particular head contains a "Mango" fish head insert in fire tiger colors with a green back, yellow middle, and orange bottom. Gorgeous head color. Steve's most popular color in the Copalure 45 Fish Head series. Eyes contain a sparkly red and silver rim around a black center. Skirt colors are fire tiger over orange.