Coggin Lures Ice Blue Pearl Glass Tado Mauna Loa Invert 12" 7oz

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The Coggin Lures Tado Mauna Loa Invert is the inverted/cupped face version of the Tado Mauna Loa series, which is a 12" skirt saddle sized Tado shape with 4-hole jets. The Tado's all have double taper - the "hump" is towards the middle of the head. The had has a slightly slanted nose and is excellent on Marlin especially. These are absolutely amazing inverted baits. The inverted nose is a very popular Hawaiian lure style head that allows for trolling at higher speeds in a wide range of sea conditions, calm or rough waters. Coggin Lures, especially the Tado series, are particularly known for being heavier with added lead weight which also contributes to their ability to fish in rougher seas that you see in particular parts of the world like Cabo and the South Pacific. 

This particular head has four iridescent white pearl glass slabs covering the insert inside an ice blue resin pour with a set of custom black eyes with a glittered red rim.