Coggin Lures Green-Yellow Dichro Yellow Back Copa Teardrop Slant 12" 11oz Skirted

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**This version has added lead weight to the chamber.**

The Coggin Lures Copa Teardrop Slant has 12" skirt saddles with a double tapered head with the "hump" closer to the skirt saddles. Nose is has a fairly heavy slant - This is the non-jetted version. Great target bait for Marlin.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This particular head has three gorgeous iridescent green and yellow colored dichroic glass slabs along the sides of the insert with a triple poured yellow glittered back, green stripe, and clear belly.

Skirted in gold glitter with blue bars/green glitter with a red lateral line over solid yellow (BOM Color #169 over #15).