Coggin Lures Dichro Yellow-Green Back Maui Plunger 14" 13oz

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The Coggin Lures Maui Plunger is a killer 14" sized double tapered plunger with the "hump" close to the nose followed by a deep taper towards the slanted nose. Very large plunger that is excellent on Marlin in particular. Awesome Grander-sized lure made by one of the world's most well known lure makers. 

BOM Skirt Size 702

Head Weight 9oz

Skirted Weight 13oz

This particular head has two iridescent dichroic glass slabs for the insert. The colors of the dichroic glass have hints of ice blue, pink, and green with a set of black and green glittered resin eyes with a quadruple poured yellow-green glittered back, green stripe, clear center, and yellow pearl belly. The amount of color projecting off this head is truly amazing - Pictures do not do it justice. Skirted in green with aurora/yellow-gold glitter over green/chartreuse with an orange/pink lateral line.