Coggin Lures Diamond Dichro Pink Back Small Slant 90 9" 3oz

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The Coggin Lures Small Slant 90 has a 9" skirt saddle size with a 90 degree flat nose. These flat nose Coggin Lures are very difficult to angled inverted/cupped nose with 4-hole jets. Has one single taper from the back at the skirt saddles towards the nose. Awesome head for Mahi Mahi/Tuna, Ono/Wahoo, Ahi/Tuna, and Billfish including Sailfish and Marlin. 

This particular head has clear "Diamond" iridescent dichro glass inserts inside a double poured pink glittered back and clear belly. The amount of color projecting off this head is truly amazing - Pictures do not do it justice. Skirted in pink/white with a yellow lateral line over purple/pink.