Coggin Lures Diamond Dichro Blue-Chartreuse Back Tado Mauna Loa Invert 12" 9oz #2

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed. 

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #164G over #121**

The Coggin Lures Tado comes in a range of sizes from 7" to Teaser sized - The Mauna Loa is the 12" version. It comes in both a scooped and inverted nose style with 12" sized skirt saddles with 4-hole jets. The Tado's all have double taper - the "hump" is towards the middle of the head. The had has a slightly slanted nose and is perfect for Marlin especially. These are absolutely brilliant lures and one of the most famous head shapes for Marlin around the world. This is the Inverted nose version.

BOM Skirt Size 502

This particular head has three gorgeous rainbow-iridescent "diamond" dichroic glass slabs over a flashy rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the lead insert with a triple poured transparent blue back, chartreuse stripe, and clear belly.