Coggin Lures Blue-Pink Dichro Black Back Copa Teardrop Slant 12" 11oz Skirted

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**This version has added lead weight to the chamber.**

The Coggin Lures Copa Teardrop Slant has 12" skirt saddles with a double tapered head with the "hump" closer to the skirt saddles. Nose is has a fairly heavy slant - This is the non-jetted version. Great target bait for Marlin.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This particular head has two gorgeous iridescent blue-turquoise colored dichroic glass slabs along the sides of the insert and a pink-purple colored slab at the bottom of the insert with a triple poured black back, red/purple stripe, and clear belly.

Skirted in blue glitter with aurora and black stripes along the back over bright pink with blue glitter (BOM Color #222 over #M55).