Bonze Lures Red MOP Trojan 10" 5.5oz

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The Trojan is a Medium Tackle lure with 10" sized skirt saddles. The head shape is a heavy reverse tapered chugger style lure with the wide hip about 1/3 towards the nose of the lure with a cupped/inverted nose.

BOM Skirt Size 502.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Trojan:

"This small short cut face pusher is a must in the generic spread and will work very hard for you. This little demon will get smashed by anything that swims. Don’t let this lure fool you though. It has helped me catch a number of blue marlin over 500lbs and even a 650lb Bluefin tuna. Watch and then try and take your eyes off this one as it provides a multitude of strikes from a multitude of different species! Skirted Length: 305mm / 12” Hook Size: 9/0 – 10/0 Leader Size: 300lb – 400lb."

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with red Mother of Pearl covering the insert and a set of black, rainbow, and red Bonze eyes inside a red resin pour. Skirted in dark blue with black bars/gold glitter with black bars over red with black bars.