Bonze Lures Purple Rainbow Scale-Black Pearl Punisher 10" 6oz Black-Gold-Pink

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The Punisher is a 10" skirt saddle sized Medium Tackle lure. The head shape is a cupped/inverted nose chugger with front and rear taper. Has a shorter nose so the head is a fairly round shape.

BOM Skirt Size 502

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Punisher:

"The Mongrel Dog, Hercules and Rambo have done the job and now we can add the Punisher to the family! This lure is an outstanding medium lure to round out your rough water spread! Skirted Length: 305mm / 12” Hook Size: 9/0 – 10/0 Leader Size: 300lb – 400lb."

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with a purple rainbow-iridescent scaled wrap over a black pearl insert with a set of black, rainbow, and red Bonze eyes. Skirted in black/gold over pink.