Bonze Lures Purple Abalone Outlaw 7" 3oz

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The Outlaw is a Light Tackle lure with 7" sized skirt saddles. The head shape has a heavy reverse tapered cupped face or inverted nose with wide hips - Short nosed bait.

BOM Skirt Size 302.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Outlaw:

"Modeled off the highly successful Trojan and Islander, the Outlaw is a true set and forget workhorse that just produces time and time again! Run this anywhere in the spread and get ready for a busy day ahead! Skirted Length: 240mm / 9.5” Hook Size: 8/0 -9/0 Leader Size: 200lb – 400lb."

This particular head is from their Custom lineup with purple Abalone shell covering the insert inside a light purple resin pour. Skirted in purple with holographic glitter and black bars/clear with holographic glitter and black bars over pink with holographic glitter.