Bonze Lures Pink Angel Wing MOP Black Pearl Chocolate Thunder Teaser 52oz

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The Chocolate Thunder is a massive teaser with a double tapered plunger shaped head. Massive lure head - The largest teaser we have in our full inventory.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Chocolate Thunder:

"This is a teaser that is definitely stealing everyone’s thunder. We named this lure after Dave Chambers; a well-known North Carolina deckhand. This teaser is a beast weighting around 4lbs or 1.8kg. During one of its first outings in the Atlantic the Chocolate Thunder was responsible for a tournament win and we think it will raise some crazy big fish in the Pacific too. Skirted length: 600mm / 23.5”. Leader size: Run it on something very grunty!"

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with a clear resin pour with gorgeous iridescent pink Angel Wing Mother of Pearl along the sides of the black pearl insert with a set of black, rainbow, and red Bonze eyes. Skirted in transparent purple/blue over blue/pink with a yellow lateral line.