Bonze Lures Mahi Mahi MOP D Shackle 9" 3.5oz

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The D Shackle is a 9" skirt saddle sized Light Tackle lure. The head shape is a cupped/inverted nose chugger with massive rear taper and only slight frontal taper at the very end of the nose.

BOM Skirt Size 352

From "Bonze" Fleet on the D Shackle:

"The D Shackle may only be a small lure but with its large cup face and reverse tapper you would think you are watching a much larger lure. This lure is perfect to run behind your dredge in a spread of small lures or on the rigger in a spread of larger lures. A very easy to use lure that is in my starting line up everyday! Skirted Length: 270mm / 10.5” Hook Size: 8/0 -9/0 Leader Size: 200lb – 400lb."

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with a teal/green resin pour with Mahi Mahi themed Mother of Pearl with yellow shell, bright green splatter, and blue dots covering the insert. Skirted in blue with holographic glitter and aurora along the back/clear with holographic glitter and black bars over chartreuse/orange/pink/blue rainbow.