Bonze Lures Charcoal-White Blood Splatter MOP Blue Pearl Hulk 16" 18.5oz

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The Hulk is a brand new shape to 2021, and this is the first public release of this massive bait. It is an Extra-Heavy Tackle lure with 16" sized skirt saddles. This is a teaser sized cupped face head with heavy reverse taper - Can be rigged or used as a teaser. The Hulk is the XL size of the popular Mongrel Dog, Hercules, Punisher, & Rambo shapes. 

BOM Skirt Size 702.

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with gorgeous iridescent charcoal and white striped Mother of Pearl shell with red blood splatter along the sides of the dark blue pearl insert. Skirted in blue with aurora along the back/holo glitter with black bars and a black lateral line over black with holo glitter and a red lateral line.