Bonze Lures Black Rainbow Scale Red-Black Eyes Apache 9" 5.2oz

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The Apache is a 9" skirt saddle sized Medium Tackle lure. The head shape is a plunger/slanted nose shape with heavy front and rear taper. Has a fairly long head length of approximately 2.75".

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Apache:

"Don’t let this lure’s small stature fool you! The Apache is a 'fish magnet' having proved absolutely deadly on striped marlin and taking down its fair share of big blue marlin over 500lbs. The Apache rides in your spread saying 'Catch me at your peril!'" 

Skirted Length: 330mm / 13”

Hook Size: 9/0 – 10/0

Leader Size: 300lb – 400lb.

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with a black rainbow-iridescent fish scaled wrap covering the insert with a set of red and black eyes. Skirted in black with holo glitter and a red lateral line over bright green with blue bars.