Black Bart Lures Red Rainbow St. Thomas Prowler 10" 6.5oz Near New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in near new condition with no damage to the lure head and no noticeable marks on it - Perfect running condition. Skirts could be replaced as they are old but full.**

Black Bart Lures are the most popular brand of trolling lure on the market. They are now more mass manufactured, but they are still extremely productive lures. This shape here is known as the St. Thomas Prowler. It is a 10" (502) skirt saddle sized invert/cupped smoker style bait with more of a bulb shaped head and 4-hole "smoker" style jets that go through the side of the head.

Here is Black Bart on the St. Thomas Prowler:

"This lure was the first of the Prowler series. Success with this lure was overnight and led to the making of the other Prowler’s in this series of unique & advanced fish catchers. St. Thomas Prowler, Abaco Prowler, Oz Prowler, Puerto Rico Prowler, try all of these Prowler’s & find out why they are the pros choice. Cupped nose with large jets, make this lure the all weather, all tackle, all species pro. Choice rigger lure, high hook up ratio, straight runner. Rig with 9/0 hookset."

This particular head is an older bait from their custom lineup with a rainbow-iridescent wrap surrounding the insert and a set of black eyes inside a red resin pour. Skirted in black with a red lateral line over white.