Black Bart Lures Blood Red Rainbow Super Plunger 14" 11oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in brand new condition - Never been fished.**

Black Bart Lures are the most popular brand of trolling lure on the market. They are now more mass manufactured, but this lure was made originally by Bart Miller and signed. This shape here is the Super Plunger, which is a single tapered 14" sized Plunger shape. This lure can be run from any position, including the riggers, but is most often run in the short corner and can also be used as a teaser thanks to its aggressive swimming style. Caught at least one known Grander out of El Salvador.

This particular head comes from their "Custom" lineup with a rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap covering the insert inside a blood red resin pour. Skirted in black vinyl over red tuff tails.