Black Bart Lures Black Rainbow Hawaiian Breakfast 10" 9oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in great condition with some bill marks on the head and a slight resin discoloration but otherwise no further damage - Perfect running condition. Great condition for the age of this bait.**

Black Bart Lures are the most popular brand of trolling lure on the market. They are now more mass manufactured, but they are still extremely productive lures. This shape here is known as the Hawaiian Breakfast. It is a 12" (502) skirt saddle sized scoop faced smoker style bait with more of a bulb shaped reverse tapered head and 2-hole "smoker" style jets that go through the side of the head.

Here is Black Bart on the Hawaiian Breakfast:

"Another sized down Breakfast just waiting to be devoured by a Marlin or other predator. This Breakfast is sized for action, a swimmer, diver, big splash, quick darting action teasing predators into a frantic suicide bite. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner this hot lure is going to be some fishes Breakfast. Lure Weaponry strikes again! Best Rigged with 10/0 to 11/0 hook sets.

655.9 lbs/2019 Hatteras Village/Piracy
1181 lbs Grander /Ngor Marlin Cup Senegal
1st Place, Big Rock Tournament S/F Bac Bar.

This particular head is an older bait from their custom lineup with a black rainbow-iridescent wrap surrounding the insert and a set of black eyes inside a clear resin pour. Skirted in magenta with blue/purple dots over orange.