Black Bart Lures Paua Shell 1656 Angle 10.3oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in brand new condition with no surface scratches, chips, or cracks in there resin. Perfect mint condition.**

Black Bart Lures are the most popular brand of trolling lure on the market. They are now more mass manufactured, but they still perform well with the best of them. This shape here is the the popular 1656 Angled nose, made famous when Bart Miller caught a 1656 Kona Blue Marlin on this shape back in 1984. Has 12" sized skirt saddles with fairly heavy front and reverse taper.

This particular head has classic Paua shell covering the insert with a set of black and rainbow eyes. Skirted in black with holo glitter and a red lateral line over purple with silver glitter.