Big T Lures Silver Rainbow Trevor's Terror 14" 10.5oz

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The Big T Trevor's Terror was named after Capt. Trevor Hansen of the Reel Magic in South Africa for his remarkable success on this lure. One of their larger and most popular Marlin lures, it is a 14" skirt saddle sized Straight Runner style head with a slight single taper towards the slanted nose with heavy keel weight. Here is a description sent to us by Big T Lures and Capt. Trevor Hansen:

"An aggressive, perfectly keel weighted lure for running in the short positions close to the transom. These lures run straight with an aggressive head action pulling deep and long, making them irresistible to big fish which have no problem engulfing them due to their stable and predictable trajectory. Very good in rough weather and run equally well on long riggers or shotgun. My first choice for any spread! When hunting big Blues we use two on the shorts or a full spread of these lures only…" - Capt. Trevor Hansen

This particular lure head has a silver rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the insert. Skirted in purple with black stripes along the back/silver glitter with a black lateral line over pink with silver glitter and a black lateral line.