Big T Lures Purple Black Stripes Cracked Glass #2 Leopard 12" 10.7oz

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The Big T Lures Leopard is one of the most well-known international Marlin lures ever made. It is a shape that has been copied over and over due to its success in the water. This is a Grander producing double tapered plunger with a nice sized "hump" close to the middle of the head. About equal front and reverse taper with a front taper that flattens out a bit before it reaches the slanted nose. This is excellent lure from the long corner but works well in most positions. Head length is long at roughly 4" with a skirted length of 16" and 12" sized skirt saddles, although the lure profile is that of a much larger head due to the length and girth of the lure head. This is an excellent producer of large Marlin.

This particular lure head has a rainbow-iridescent purple top with black stripes and silver bottom with cracked glass pieces over the sides of the wrap. Skirted in transparent lavender with holographic glitter and light black stripes along the back over black.