Big T Lures Orange-UV Yellow Mackerel Cracked Glass Leopard 12" 10.7oz

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The Big T Lures Leopard is one of the most well-known international Marlin lures ever made. It is a shape that has been copied over and over due to its success in the water. This is a Grander producing double tapered plunger with a nice sized "hump" close to the middle of the head. About equal front and reverse taper with a front taper that flattens out a bit before it reaches the slanted nose. This is excellent lure from the long corner but works well in most positions. Head length is long at roughly 4" with a skirted length of 16" and 12" sized skirt saddles, although the lure profile is that of a much larger head due to the length and girth of the lure head. This is an excellent producer of large Marlin.

This particular lure head has a clear resin pour with hand-painted black "Mackerel" stripes along the back of the rainbow-iridescent orange/yellow/silver wrap with cracked glass pieces over the sides of the wrap. Skirted in orange/yellow/UV yellow with black stripes along the back over UV yellow.