Big T Lures Blue-Pink Black Spots #1 Wildebeest 12" 8oz

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The Big T Wildebeest is a shorter 12" sized Marlin lure from their Marlin lineup of lures. This small to medium sized billfish lure is heavily keel weighted with a head diameter of 1.5". Here is a description sent to us by Big T Lures and Capt. Trevor Hansen of the Reel Magic in South Africa:

"A close relative to the “TT(Trevors Terror)”, the Wildebeest is the perfect lure for the long and shotgun positions. These lures are relatively heavily weighted for their head size and work incredibly well in the long positions due to their stability and ability to stay down in rough weather. They have a very aggressive but stable action pulling down deep and long, perfect to give fish the best chance to access them and hook up properly. First choice for the long rigger positions when targeting small to mid- sized billfish…" - Capt. Trevor Hansen

This particular lure head has a rainbow-iridescent blue top with black spots and a pink bottom. Skirted in purple with black dots along the back/blue glitter/pink glitter over bright pink.