Big T Lures Blue-Light Blue Small Zulu Impi 12" 8oz

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The Big T Small Zulu Impi is a shorter 12" sized Marlin lure from their Marlin lineup of lures. The Zulu Impi comes in a few different sizes, and this is the smallest one they offer. Here is a description sent to us by Big T Lures:

"The baby brother to our ledgendary Large Zulu Impi, (the lure that started us on the quest for the perfect keel weighted lure many years ago), The Small Zulu Impi is a small to medium sized keel weighted Marlin Slayer. They track extremely well and are great off all the positions. Their action is stable but aggressive enough to catch the attention of any pelagic predator around. If you are looking to pull smaller lures then the “SZI” is definitely the one you want…"

This particular lure head has a rainbow-iridescent blue top, light blue middle, and white bottom. Skirted in blue/white with light blue stripes over transparent light blue.