Big Reidee Blue-Green-Gold Paua #2 4-Hole Cut Face 9" 5.5oz

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The Big Reidee Lures Cut Face is a 9" skirt saddle sized head with a slight taper that straightens out a bit towards the slanted nose. Also contains 4 brass jets to help throw out extra smoke in the water. These lures are designed specifically to target a large variety of fish including Mahi Mahi/Dorado, Ahi Tuna, Ono/Wahoo, and Marlin and other Billfish. Any one of those species is a prime target for these lures. 

This particular head has iridescent blue/green/gold Abalone shell placed over a silver rainbow-iridescent wrap that shows through on the borders of the shell slabs with a green pearl back. The eyes have a black center and red glittered rim. Skirted in green with black splatter/yellow/silver glitter over green glitter/blue glitter. As with all of Ron's lures, this is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.