Big Reidee Blue Agoya Shell Black Glitter Storm Back #1 4-Hole Cut Face 9" 5.5oz

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The Big Reidee Lures Cut Face is a 9" skirt saddle sized head with a slight taper that straightens out a bit towards the slanted nose. Also contains 4 brass jets to help throw out extra smoke in the water. These lures are designed specifically to target a large variety of fish including Mahi Mahi/Dorado, Ahi Tuna, Ono/Wahoo, and Marlin and other Billfish. Any one of those species is a prime target for these lures. 

This particular head has three iridescent blue agoya shell slabs over a rainbow-iridescent charcoal wrap covering the insert with a black "glitter storm" back with strands of colored glitter scattered across the back in blue, gold, and pink strands. The tops of Ron's heads are perhaps the most defining element of his lures as they have a lot of work put into each one - very unique designs. The eyes have a black center and red glittered outer rim. Skirted in blue glitter over purple/pink with a yellow lateral line. As with all of Ron's lures, this is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.