Big Reidee Black-Yellow-White MOP 4-Hole Bullet 9" 5.5oz Flashabou #1

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The Big Reidee Lures Bullet is brand new to 2020 with a 9" skirt saddle sized head with a slightly reverse tapered head with very minimal front and rear taper that suddenly sharpens to a bullet point. Also contains 4 brass jets to help throw out extra smoke in the water. These lures are designed specifically to target a large variety of fish including Mahi Mahi/Dorado, Ahi Tuna, Ono/Wahoo, and Marlin and other Billfish. Any one of those species is a prime target for these lures. 

BOM Skirt Size 352

This particular head has gorgeous white Mother of Pearl with black and yellow splatter covering the sides and bottom of the insert with an iridescent white pearl with black and gold spotted back with a set of black and silver pearl eyes. 

Skirted in flashabou in white pearl over purple by our flashabou specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.