Amaral Lures Silver Rainbow Black Back Super Jararaca 15" 6.7oz

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This Super Jararaca is the king of the Amaral Lures Jararaca trolling lures series. It's a large chugger that can be fished with birds and in any position or sea condition by adjusting the height of the outriggers or positioning of the Lure on the wave - deep inverted nose. Very easy bait to use. Great Ahi (Tuna), Ono (Wahoo), and Marlin killer. Have a lot of proof that these baits work.

This particular head has a silver rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap along the sides of the black insert with black tiger stripes and three red dots under each eye with a black glittered back. Comes with perfectly matching hula skirts in black/lavender over black/fuchsia with a red lateral line