Amaral Lures Purple-Yellow-Clear-Pink Rainbow Mamba 15" 9oz

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The Amaral Lures Mamba is a large double tapered plunger style bait that has produced LOADS of huge Marlin - One of his best Marlin lures between that, the Ta'aroa, and the Naja. One of his most popular models, this is an all weather bait that is best from the long rigger or long corner positions but can be trolled in any position. Keel weighted for impeccable balancing to prevent it from rolling while being trolled.

This particular head has a silver rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap covering the insert with black tiger stripes and a triple poured purple glittered back, yellow stripe, and clear belly. Hula skirts match the head perfectly in purple/clear over purple/pink with a UV yellow lateral line.