Amaral Lures Mirrored Blood Super Jararaca 15" 6.7oz

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**Hula Skirts are now for sale individually to replace your Amaral skirts or to use on other lures or under vinyl or flashabou. You can order them by clicking here or find them in the Main Menu.**

This Super Jararaca is the king of the Amaral Lures Jararaca trolling lures series. It's a large chugger that can be fished with birds and in any position or sea condition by adjusting the height of the outriggers or positioning of the Lure on the wave - deep inverted nose. Very easy bait to use. Great Marlin killer. Have a lot of proof that these baits work.

Hula Skirt Length 12"

This particular head comes in Antonio's popular "Blood" color scheme with a mirrored/reflective wrap along the sides of the red pearl insert with black tiger stripes and a red back with a blood red belly pour and three red dots under each eye. Comes with perfectly matching hula skirts in red over red with a black lateral line.