Amaral Lures Mirrored Black Back-Blue Naja 16" 14.5oz

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**There is a slight mark at the top of the lure head, hence the slightly discounted price. Otherwise in mint brand new condition. See photos for details.**

**Hula Skirts are now for sale individually to replace your Amaral skirts or to use on other lures or under vinyl or flashabou. You can order those by clicking on the link in the Main Menu under Skirting Materials or by clicking here.**

His Naja is the largest plunger that he has designed. Grander marlin written all over it. Super heavy weighted to allow it to be fished in all sea conditions. This is a killer Blue Marlin lure. Larger than a Super Plunger. The lure regularly bursts through the surface, makes a trail of bubbles, and then drops down under about a foot. Huge plunger shaped head with a slight front and rear taper.

Hula Skirt Length 12"

This particular head has a reflective/mirrored wrap along the sides of the blue glittered pearl insert with blue tiger stripes and three red dots under each eye with a black back. Comes with perfectly matching hula skirts in black/silver with black bars over black/blue with a red lateral line.