Amaral Lures Holographic Black-UV Green Baby Jararaca 7" 1.4oz

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The Amaral Lures Baby Jararaca is the smallest of Amaral's Jararaca inverted nose series of Chugger style baits - 7" sized skirt saddles. This is what you would call a small pelagic slayer. I'm talking massive amounts of Mahi and even fish like Kingfish, Wahoo/Ono and Sailfish with the photos to prove it. Pure fish killer that you will no doubt love if you've never tried before. Works with any trolling position.

This particular head has a bright and colorful holographic/rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the sides of the black insert with yellow tiger stripes and one red dot under each eye. Skirt colors are black over UV green. The holographic wrap throws off a ton of bright color in yellows, greens, and blues.