Amaral Lures Blue Rainbow Dark Blue Back-Pink Krait 10" 3.5oz

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**Hula Skirts are now for sale individually to replace your Amaral skirts or to use on other lures or under vinyl or flashabou. You can order them by clicking here or find them in the Main Menu.**

His Krait is a brand new model released in late April 2017. It's a straight runner similar in size to the Caninana but not quite as long - about as long as it is wide with a slanted nose with a 9" skirt saddle size. Basically the baby of the Straight Runner family with the Diamondback being the medium size followed by the Ta'aroa and Anaconda Teaser being the largest. This 10" bait is the perfect all big game pelagic killer. Mahi all the way to Marlin will become victims to the Krait. Perfect size for areas that require smaller baits.

Hula Skirt Length 10"

This particular head has a flashy rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap along the sides of the red pearl insert with black tiger stripes and a dark blue back with three red dots under each eye and a dark blue belly pour. Hula skirts match the head perfectly in dark blue/blue with black stripes over bright pink with a UV yellow lateral line.