Aloha Lures Purple-Lavender Back Small Magic Malolo 7" 3.3oz Skirted Purple-Pink

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #RP08 over #RP14**

The Aloha Lures Small Magic Malolo (also known as the Magic Bullet) is the 7" skirt saddle sized version of the popular blunt nosed bullet with a flat back. This special edition comes with a hand-painted Malolo insert - Amazing work from Erik "Merlin" Rusnak on this extremely successful bullet. From the time of this write up, Capt. Chris Donato has only been fishing  the Large version of this lure for a couple months, and he raves about it as its caught its fair number of fish already. The 7" version is great on practically all pelagic species including Tuna, Mahi, Billfish, Wahoo, etc.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato of Grandermarlin Sportfishing with his personal review of the Magic Malolo as well as a brief conversation with Capt. Erik Rusnak of Aloha Lures on the lure, which happens to be one of his personal favorites:

Head length - 1.5"

Head Weight - Approximately 2.2oz

Skirted Length - Approximately 8"

BOM Skirt Size 302

This particular head is a brand new hand-painted Malolo fish head insert with a lavender/purple back and silver belly with natural colored eyes and a clear resin pour. These are limited in number and are truly gorgeous inserts hand-crafted from one of Hawaii's finest.