Aloha Lures Yellow Mirrored Disco Ball 10" 7.5oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in great used condition with no chips or cracks but bill marks throughout as well as a yellowed resin due to its age and heavy use. This was a pure fish killer but is still ready for more action.**

Aloha Lures are handmade by master craftsman Captain Erik "Merlin" Rusnak. They are one of the most well-known handmade lure brands around the world with many years of being in production, producing countless tournament wins and prize money.

This lure you see here is an old school Disco Ball head with mirrored glass pieces scattered throughout the head - Head shape has a bulb shape near the back of the lure head with a slanted nose and 10" BOM 502 sized skirt saddles. 

This particular head has a yellow resin pour with a silver rainbow-iridescent scaled wrap behind the mirrored glass pieces. Skirted in blue/holo glitter with black bars and a yellow lateral line over purple glitter.