Aloha Lures Light Blue Back Propelu 9" 8.4oz Flashabou Blue-White-Chartreuse

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The Aloha Lures Propelu is a 9" skirt saddle sized Opelu imitation bait unlike any of his fish head baits - It is not your traditional resin based lure with a life-like textured fish head design. The inner insert has a rainbow-iridescent glow that is visible through the translucent shell. These are gorgeous baits and are excellent on all pelagic species, especially Tuna and Marlin, and they are properly balanced to allow them to swim as desired more easily.

Head length - 3.75"

Head Weight - 6.6oz

Flashabou Skirted Length - 13"

BOM Skirt Size 402

This particular head has a light blue back with a silver belly and yellow fins. It has a rainbow-iridescent pink glow that can be seen through the silver belly.

This lure is skirted in Flashabou in Blue/White over Chartreuse by our Flashabou Specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.