Aloha Lures Ice Blue-Dark Blue Back "Scared $#!Tless" Baby Smash Bait 12" 9.3oz Vinyl

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: Blue Naugahyde Vinyl over Bright Blue Tuff Tails**

This is the popular 12" version of the Smash Bait known as the Baby Smash Bait. 

We are beyond excited to offer one of the most famous Marlin lures ever designed with the Aloha Lures Smash Bait. 

Here is Erik Rusnak on his legendary Smash Bait lure:

"The Smash Bait is the largest of the legendary Kona tube style lure design.  Shaped with a steep angled or bevel face with softened rails and slight taper, this design creates some serious distress behind the boat.  The heads are belly weighted and inclusions of large polished mirrors make it impossible to resist.  The Smash Bait earned it’s name in the blue waters of Hawaii and gained a reputation for big fish around the world.  This design is responsible for countless giant billfish captures and has become a standard choice for tournament and heavy tackle experts world wide.  Aggressive, turbulent and wounded best describe the swimming action of this trolling head.  A fantastic teaser or hook rigged trolling lure for heavy tackle and big fish.

Fishes best from a corner position and prefers moderate to calm conditions.

Trust the Smash Bait to light up your spread!"

While Tube shapes are traditionally best in calm waters due to their flat face, the slight taper that exists on the Smash Bait actually allows the lure to hold in way better than other tube shaped lures that blow out in rougher seas. They have been extremely productive in some of the roughest waters you can find such as the Australian reef where they are targeting big Blacks.

BOM Skirt Size 602

Head Weight: 6.2oz (Regular Version) or 7.6oz (Scared $#!Tless Version)

Head Length: 2.8"

Here is Capt. Chris Donato of Grandermarlin Sportfishing with his personal review and tips on the Smash Bait:

Here is the full explanation behind our category rankings on the Smash Bait:

**This is the non-rattle version.**

This particular head comes from Erik's limited edition "Scared $#!Tless" pearl fish head series. The fish head has a blue back with a mirrored/chrome side of the insert with holographic glittered scattered along the sides and nose of the insert and a silver belly inside an ice blue resin pour. Each lure is hand signed as "Merlin" on the skirt saddles with the head shape name "Baby Smash Bait".