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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Aloha Lures Chrome-Mirrored Uncle Moe 9" 4oz Flashabou Green-White-Chartreuse

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

The Aloha Lures Uncle Moe is a teardrop shaped bullet with 9" sized skirt saddles. They are very heavy for their size at around 3.5oz and are keel weighted.

Kona guys love these baits as they skitter across the surface. These have a completely different swim pattern when compared to the popular Magic Malolo. Erik states in our interview with him on our Youtube Channel, "I love having that variety... There are days where I prefer that Uncle Moe shape because it slips through the water easier and is more of a skitter bait, whereas when you have that blunted round bullet shape you get more of a pop out of the bait and it's a little more aggressive." When asked when he prefers the Uncle Moe vs. the Magic Malolo, Erik states, "It's more sea conditions. I love things that skitter on the surface... that sizzle and do that between the black water ruffle to the skitter. I think that's a deadly, deadly swim pattern. When fishing Kona, I really like the Uncle Moe because it has more of a release - It stays up on the surface and sizzles along." He goes along talking about the Magic Malolo as a lure he likes more in rougher waters relative to the Uncle Moe. This is an example where one killer bullet won't necessarily be all you need when it comes to assembling the perfect spread as you need to assess a few different outside characteristics as you build your spread, particularly sea conditions.

These are made with both a hand-painted Malolo insert as well as a standard mirrored/chrome design - Amazing work from Erik "Merlin" Rusnak on this extremely successful bullet. Capt. Chris Donato has been fishing these quite extensively since he got his hands on them, and they've been producing a lot of nice fish for him in the back of his spread. Especially killer on Tuna & Marlin but will catch a large variety of pelagic species.

We think this will be an extremely popular bait moving forward as these have been extremely hard to find until now. This will be a staple product in our Aloha Lures lineup.

Here is our interview with Capt. Erik Rusnak of Aloha Lures - Clip starts when we discuss the Uncle Moe shape in detail. Check it out.

Head length - 1.8"

Head Weight - 3.5oz

Skirted Length - Approximately 11"

Flashabou Packs - Three Standard Flashabou Packs or Two TANTRUM Strobez 9" Packs

BOM Skirt Size 352

Insert: Mirror
Resin Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: Natural Eyes
Skirt Pattern: Flashabou Colors Green-White over Chartreuse