Aloha Lures Blue-Ice Blue Back Stinky Malolo 9" 7oz Skirted

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #M2 over #81**

The Aloha Lures Stinky Malolo is a brand new 9" skirt saddle sized short nosed plunger with a slight reverse taper. The concept was developed years ago for this lure, but not until recently was the first mold made - This is the first official release of this bait. Ask Erik states, "The stinky is good for when it gets rough" - Excellent rough water lure.

BOM Skirt Size 402

Head Weight 5oz

Head Length 1.75"

This particular head is a brand new hand-painted Malolo fish head insert with a blue glittered back, ice blue pin stripe, and silver belly with natural colored eyes and pink pectoral fins. These are limited in number and are truly gorgeous inserts hand-crafted from one of Hawaii's finest.