Joe Yee-Niiyama Lures Collab. Fish Head Super Plunger #7 14" 7.5oz

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 These Joe Yee/Niiyama Lure Collaborations are only made in limited number. Each one has a fish head insert designed by Jon Niiyama, one of the other lure makers I carry, inside one of Joe Yee's famous lure shapes. These are very rare to say the least.

This particular head shape is perhaps Joe's most famous lure of all in the Super Plunger. 100% hand made by Joe Yee himself, this lure has been molded or mimicked by other lure makers time and time again because of it's perfect shape and movement in the water - this is the killer of all killers. The Super Plunger has defined the Plunger family of lures you see out there today. It is an inspiration for lure makers all over.

This lure is designed to look like one of Joe's original fish head inserts with the way the mouth and gills are designed with a thinner fish head insert. Jon Niiyama hand-painted this fish head insert with amazing iridescent and colorful splatter in dark greens, grays, reds, and yellows. One of a kind lure head. Very rare with limited production.