Joe Yee Red Pearl Handmade Eyes Super Plunger 14" 7.5oz

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Joe Yee is without a doubt the most famous handmade trolling lure maker on the planet. He gained that reputation as one of the original lure pioneers and because of how successful they were in the water. His shapes were original in its time and have been copied time and time again. Most of what you see out in the market now is either an exact representation or an extreme influence from his lures in regards to their designs and shapes.

The value of his lures have skyrocketed over the last decade since his initial retirement. Both lure collectors and fishermen alike have scoured ebay and the internet for them as the opportunity to buy is steadily ticking away. 

However, Joe found the need and desire to get back to doing what he does best - make killer lures. I have been given this rare opportunity to work with Joe and his grandson, and each lure you see available is 100% made by Joe Yee himself. These are true originals. Not fake like many others out there. I have pictures of Joe himself holding these exact lures you are purchasing, so you can buy with extreme confidence.

The best part about them is that there's no bidding war and no tricks. They are available instantly for purchase. There's no telling how many I will be able to receive in the future, so it's best to snag these while they are available before the opportunity is gone for good.

100% hand made by Joe Yee himself, the Super Plunger lure has been molded or mimicked time and time again because of it's perfect shape and movement in the water - this is the killer of all killers. The Super Plunger has defined the Plunger family of lures you see out there today. It is an inspiration for lure makers all over. Many Granders have been caught on this shape alone. 

This particular head has a very bright Red Pearl insert with Joe's famous black and red handmade eyes. Much harder to find than the version with doll eyes, and this is a very rare color.

Whether you put this lure on the collector's rack or throw it in the water, you are no you are getting a legendary lure right here. Snag it while it lasts, because the opportunity to by more is soon going to fade away completely.