Joe Yee Blueberry Pearl Small 24/7 14" 8.3oz New Pre-Owned

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This rare Joe Yee Lure is one of his very hard to find Small 24/7's. The 24/7 is a cut-off (short) Super Plunger with a similar face angle. This lure here is the Small 24/7, which is Joe's shortest version of his 24/7 shapes with a head length of 2-1/8" and weighted at just over 8oz with a skirt saddle size of 14". These lures are very difficult to find.

This particular head has comes in his very difficult to find Blueberry Pearl color scheme with custom eyes with a black center and red outer rim. The rarity of this lure is undeniable.

The lure was not purchased from Joe Yee himself but instead a very reputable Joe Yee collector who purchased it from Joe originally. Buy with 100% confidence.