JB Signature Lures Root Beer-Gold Back Small Rocket 7" 4oz Skirted

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The JB Signature Lures Rocket is a cupped/chugger style lure with a long slender nose and slight forward and reverse taper. The hole at the back of the lure head has been enlarged and acts as a hook lock. Just wrap some tape around the crimp and pull it into the hole locking the hook in position. Rockets run best when rigged with a single hook.

**This particular head is the Small size with 7" skirt saddles.** 

This color scheme has an iridescent root beer and gold back with a silver/gold belly. The entire lure head has a beautiful rainbow-iridescent hue to it  - Photos cannot do any of these lures justice. Skirted in root beer with purple glitter along the back over Firecracker.

Personally signed by lure maker Dave Harrison at the bottom of the insert.