Amaral Lures Black-Yellow Mahi Black Back Ta'aroa 16" 10oz

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The Amaral Lures Ta'aroa is a large 15" Straight Runner that was designed to catch huge Marlin, and it is a proven and tested winner. New to 2017, the head on this trolling lure is nearly as wide as it is long while slightly tapered towards the nose. Comes with 16" sized skirt saddles and is the second largest in the Amaral Lures Straight Runner series next to the Anaconda teaser. Excellent Marlin bait that will also catch large Tuna. Can be used in any trolling position. Keel weighted for balancing to prevent the lure from rolling while being trolled.

This particular head comes in the black/yellow "Mahi Mahi" scheme with a yellow insert with scattered black Mahi splatter and a black glittered back with red tiger stripes. The hula skirts match the head perfectly in black/clear with black stripes over black/UV yellow with a red lateral line.